Join Beth + fellow mamas from the Revolution From Home community on retreat as we slow time down, escape the daily grind and reconnect, reflect, relax, and re-socialize in person amongst the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Choose from summer or fall dates:
July 6-10, 2023


October 25-29, 2023





"We rested, we bonded, we hiked, we swam, we laughed, we ate delicious food, we sang, we cried, we danced around a fire, we dug deep, and we became stronger, more connected women. Beth’s Camp MotherWorthy retreat completely exceeded my expectations. The best word I can come up with to describe it is 'magical.'"

This retreat combines community, connection, and lots of down time sprinkled with heart-led offerings + practices to calm your nervous system and give you the time and space to retrieve parts of yourself that motherhood has scattered about.

DSC06701 Beth Berry
DSC06659 Beth Berry (1)

When we really slow down into deep time, we can finally hear whispers from within that go unnoticed when we're moving fast, constantly interrupted, and highly scheduled. This retreat is about sinking into deep time (which, for most of us, feels out of reach at home).

"Valuing myself was my biggest hurdle to attending, but spending the time and the money on myself was so worth it. You will be more able to show up for yourself and everyone around you after taking this time and space. I have gained more understanding about myself, connection with other mamas, and an expansiveness I couldn’t have gotten from stealing bits of time away for myself." - Katie Lane

• Deep rest
• Being cooked for
• Time in nature
• Meaningful conversation
• Freedom
• Space to breathe
• Peacefulness
• A break from managing everything
• Uninterrupted introspection
• Singing
• Dancing
• Ceremony + Ritual
• River time
• Massage (optional)







8:30-10am: Breakfast (made for you!) and ease into the day however you wish

10am-noon: Circle time in Pavilion - this could be for a tea ceremony, juicy conversation and processing, singing with Yuri, etc.  

12:30-2pm: Lunch (made for you!) and rest + retreat as you desire - lots of nature to take in

2-4pm: Beth-led group activity such as ritual, small group dialogue/processing, physical games

4:30-5:30pm: Free time before dinner to enjoy how you wish (often a yoga class is offered at this time) 

6-7:30pm: Slow enjoyment of dinner (made for you!) 

7:30-9pm: Evening gathering such as live music and singing, lantern ceremony, optional riverwalk, fire circle by pond, dance party. etc. 


Camp MW 18



Bend of Ivy, itself, is magical.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it offers a lush, tucked away refuge with amazing views of the surrounding area.

 The tallest peak east of the Mississippi, Mount Mitchell, can easily be seen from the property. There are also many quiet spots to sit and relax such as near the river bank, pond, fire pit, river, and more. 

Bend of Ivy also has a number of meandering trails that are well maintained and great for walking and taking in nature.

Take a Tour of Bend of Ivy!



Beth Berry and other changemaker mamas in the Revolution From Home community


Camp MotherWorthy
Revolution From Home's in-person retreat!


Bend of Ivy - Marshall, North Carolina (20 minutes from Asheville)


 Thursday, July 6 (5:30pm) to Monday, July 10 (noon)
Wednesday, October 25 (5:30pm) to Sunday, October 29 (noon)



*can be paid in installments
Includes accommodations, all meals (vegetarian, meat, vegan + gluten free), and activities.

We'll be holding the riverbanks that you usually hold for everyone else. This is your time to be in the flow.



Tea Ceremony with
Mary Plantwalker

Mary "Morgaine" Plantwalker will be back again to offer her nurturing opening tea ceremony! With a speciality in flowers and herbs, she lives on and care-takes a gorgeous garden and intentional community nearby and brings us a garden-to-mug tea experience along with some embodied plant education and wisdom.    

Singing with Yuri

Yuri, Beth's local song circle leader, will be back again to lead us in song and play! His sweet energy and ability to make anyone feel comfortable singing in a group is what makes his offering so beautiful. Last year, there was so many laughs, some communal tears, and a shared experience that bonded us with Yuri forever as he guided us to play together like little kids.


Live Music with
Molly & Laura
(aka WellSpring)

Our dear sisters, Molly and Laura, are back for the October retreat! We are so beyond excited that they will be singing familiar and new songs for us and with us again, connecting us through song, sound, and the unmatched experience of live music in a nature setting. 

After three years of constant caretaking and worry of the unknown, come reconnect with yourself and other like-minded, changemaker mamas at this nurturing and awakening retreat.

You deserve to have your needs met, too.




Have we mentioned that you will be

Our chef, Dava Melton, cooks “Good Natured Foods,” which refers to the natural bounty that resonates from the Earth, preparing food with caring hands, and infusing meals with comfort and delicious consistency. A mama herself, Dava, her motherly energy, and her delicious food have become a sacred part of the Camp MotherWorthy experience. 

Dava also specializes in gluten free cooking and baking, and provides the option of animal protein, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free delights at each meal, and the snacks in between. Yes, she's a miracle worker.


(this would all be offered at one meal!)

• Fruit salad with mint (vegan + gluten free)
• Baked eggs with cheese, tortillas, spinach (vegetarian + gluten free)
• Soy chorizo (vegetarian)
• Arugula salad, with avocado, zucchini and mushrooms (vegan + gluten free)
• Cashews on side (vegan + gluten free)
• Potato hash (vegan + gluten free)

(this would all be offered at one meal!)

• Local romaine and arugula with marinated veggies (vegan + gluten free)
• Herb marinated chicken or tofu  (vegetarian + gluten free)
• Feta mint yogurt sauce
• Roasted sweet potatoes (vegan + gluten free)
• Cauliflower with local kale and tamari sauce (vegan + gluten free)
• Gluten free crackers and flat bread

(this would all be offered at one meal!)

• Black-eyed pea salad with mixed greens and apple cider dressing (vegan + gluten free)
• Braised beef with rosemary and garlic (dairy free + gluten free)
• Vegan portabello with crispy onion and red pepper sauce (vegan + gluten free)
• Sauteed green beans with garlic and fennel (vegan + gluten free)
• Brown rice (vegan + gluten free)
• Strawberry shortcake 
• Almond dates (gluten free) 

*There are also treats, tea, coffee, drinks, afternoon snacks and chocolate! 







"I came home with a high level of embodiment that I hadn't even realized I had been needing. The opportunity to be free of responsibilities and intentionally move toward joy, openness and play in a safe container was profound. The embodiment (which I experience as greater connection to my body and a full and open heart) has helped me recognize that it's essential to give myself this nourishment more regularly - for myself and for my family. I feel that much of my Motherworthy learning is landing on me in a more embodied way now." - Johanna

"Do it! You may feel it's indulgent or awkward, but it will push you to allow yourself to receive with grace and to connect. The women here feel like home." - Emilie

"It's immeasurable how much magic, support, and value there is in doing something like this. Beth is so wise, loving, safe, and genius in how she creates experience." - Drea


"At the retreat, we quickly built a strong, felt sense of community. Looking back I find it amazing that I never felt judged by any of the women there, not for one moment. It was just a special, safe space for the entire weekend. Being with that group of women I constantly felt encouraged and lifted up into being the most honest and heartfelt version of myself. I was inspired and nourished. I felt brave enough to do things that I never have done, and I was celebrated and normalized when sharing things that I rarely share with others. I came away feeling really nourished spiritually and emotionally, with a little fire burning in my heart."

"I have never felt more held and supported then I have being in circle with Beth. Through our retreat, I had the opportunity to push deeper into things I was feeling for myself and make lasting connections with sisters who 'get it.'"

"I was concerned about being away from my kids, especially since I had never been away that long, but I was surrounded by other mothers - many farther ahead of me on that path - and felt so safe and encouraged that I had so much more fun!" - Lauren

"Beth is a skilled facilitator with a ton of great resources that she weaves into the discussion easily. This retreat was exactly what I needed as a parent of a toddler, with all the busyness of my parent life. The space was perfect for individual relaxation and group discussion, and with all the preparation that Beth had done, I felt like the weekend went by without any extra effort needed on my part. The mix of activities was excellent as well. Integration of the incredibly beautiful setting into our reflections helped me stay grounded and inspired."

"The retreat with Beth and this amazing group of women was life-changing. It was the perfect setting and an ideal balance of emotional connection, exploring nature, diving deep and having fun. I wish we could recreate it every few months!"

"The MotherWorthy retreat was an amazing way to connect in person. I felt safe, loved and free to do things and go places (physically, emotionally, spiritually) that I may not get the opportunity in my daily life. I cherish the friendships I have made through this group, I am so thankful for this opportunity. I would definitely do this again!"

"The retreat with Beth was an experience I will always hold dear to my heart. After a year of MotherWorthy, it was an inspiring time spent with women to further enrich our connection and deepen our bond. Beth planned the retreat perfectly, giving us time to connection with one another and with ourselves. We all (reluctantly) left the retreat with a sense of ease and our souls filled to the brim."

"The retreat filled me with a great sense of confirmation that I am on the right path, that the work I’m doing is important, and I am part of a rising collective of changemakers." - Elizabeth Westfall

"I didn’t realize how starved I was for connection with other brilliant, warm, funny, and openly raw women. It reminded me of the pure joy and delight of my Girl Scout Troop days as a kid. It was every bit as playful and full of sisterhood, down to the beautiful song circles. Beth is creating magic in these retreats - pure magic." - Lauren

"Beth is a wise, grounded, playful magic maker! The community of women she is growing and nurturing is powerful and changemaking. I love her commitment to revolution, and will mother myself and my children differently because of all I have learned." - Diane Hilleary


Who Camp MotherWorthy Is For...

  • Mothers with open hearts and minds who are on a growth and healing path.
  • Mothers who are fed up with the status quo of modern motherhood.
  • Mothers looking to connect authentically and wholeheartedly, without the distractions of kids, caretaking, pretense, or perfectionism.
  • Mothers craving restoration, inspiration, realness, depth, fun, and fuel for their soulfire.


Who Camp MotherWorthy Is Not For...

  • Non-mothers.
  • Those looking for a luxury spa-type retreat experience rather than a summer camp-type experience. (Bend of Ivy is super nice and absolutely gorgeous, but this is more of a “don’t forget your river shoes!” than a “pack an extra cocktail dress!” kind of experience.)
  • Those looking to gossip, belittle, judge, critique, or police other women.
  • Those whose idea of an amazing time includes heavy alcohol consumption.




Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so I strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance if you have concerns. I cannot offer any refund at all unless the retreat sells out, and there is someone to take your spot financially. I wish I could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances, but I have incurred expenses that cannot be refunded.

Thank you for your understanding!
* view full retreat cancellation policy HERE


Camp MW21 (1)



Because mothers are conditioned to be self-sacrificing, to ignore their own needs, and to caretake everyone except for themselves, many moms have to first tend to their hearts, find their own value and worthiness, and then organize the childcare and other logistics to make Camp MotherWorthy possible. Here are two moms who speak to me about that, and how they did it (in opposite ways).




Will I be paying a deposit, and can I pay the remaining balance in installments?

Yes, you will be paying a $150 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot, as we expect to sell out with our limited spots available. And, new this year, the checkout page allows you to pay the remaining balance in installments to make it more accessible, if you wish (in addition to paying in full).

What are the sleeping arrangements?

If you were/are in MotherWorthy, you will most likely be housed near your specific MotherWorthy group. Nearly all rooms will be shared with at least one other person (all twin beds). We will accommodate roommate requests where possible. You'll be sent a survey as the retreat nears.

Can I request a specific roommate?

We will accommodate roommate requests where possible. You'll be sent a survey as the retreat nears.

How much downtime will there be?

A lot! Part of the magic of this retreat is being unscheduled for much of the time. There will also be heart-led offerings and practices to deepen connection, get us in our bodies, and fuel our soul fires - all are optional. More details to come!

How much physical activity is required?

This is completely up to you. There will be opportunities for walks and meandering beside the river, and you are welcome to choose whichever fits your desired level of activity - or forgo it entirely.

I have dietary needs. Can those be accommodated?

Most likely, yes. Our chef is well-versed in dietary needs and can accommodate meat eaters, and vegetarians and vegans. Additionally, most of the food will be gluten free, and nuts and dairy will always be served on the side. Please let us know if you have a dietary need other than what’s listed here.

Which airport should I fly into?

The closest airport to Bend of Ivy is the Asheville Regional Airport (AVL), and it’s about 45 minutes away. Depending on where you're coming from, Delta has a lot of direct flights to Asheville. The second closest airport is Greenville-Spartanburg Airport (GSP), and it’s about 92 miles out. The third closest is Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT), and it’s about 133 miles out.

What are the dates and times of check-in and check-out?

The summer retreat begins on Thursday, July 6th, and check-in will begin that evening at 5:30pm (dinner will follow at 6pm). The retreat ends on Monday, July 10th, and check-out will be around noon (after a 9am brunch). The fall retreat begins on Wednesday, October 25, and check-in will begin that evening at 5:30pm (dinner will follow at 6pm). The retreat ends on Sunday, October 29, and check-out will be around noon (after a 9am brunch).  

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend?

In an effort to navigate this new territory of living in a global endemic landscape, we are not requiring vaccination to attend either retreat, nor will we be masking at the retreats. However, if something major changes, we reserve the right to change our policy based on updated public health requirements and recommendations. 

Is there a suggested packing list?

Here’s what I recommend bringing in order to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible (and there will be more specific lists based on the seasonal retreat you choose as it gets closer):
- Casual, comfortable clothes and PJs
- Shoes for navigating outdoors (something comfortable with some traction)
- Bathing suit (birthday suits are great too!)
- Backpack or tote for carrying personal items around the property
- Toiletries
- Water bottle
- Sunscreen
- Bug spray
- Sun hat
- Journal/pen Book
- An altar item or two (you’ll take them home with you when we leave)
- Any other creature comforts that help you feel at ease and bring you joy 

What if I need to cancel?

Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so I strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance if you have concerns. I cannot offer any refund at all unless the retreat sells out, and there is someone to take your spot financially. I wish I could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances, but I have incurred expenses that cannot be refunded. See our full Cancellation Policy here


Words and even pictures cannot convey how truly sweet + magical these retreats are! I hope you'll join us so you can discover for yourself.



Photos by:

Bend of Ivy

Jote Khalsa

Sigorni King-Berry

Please contact us with any questions!