Break free from status quo motherwhelm, fuel the fire within, and build a more beautiful life.

MotherWorthy is an intimate, nine-month virtual experience designed for growth-oriented mothers who are fed up, ready to get real, and inspired to cultivate change from the inside out.


It’s for those who refuse to settle for the isolation, perfectionism, hyper-individualism, and judgment that plagues modern-day motherhood.


MotherWorthy mamas are willing to get messy and courageous in pursuit of a better way for themselves, their loved ones, and mothers the world over by learning to interrupt harmful cultural and familial patterns, understand and upgrade their coping strategies and stress responses, reclaim their right to belong within a caring community, and heal so that less of their own wounds will be passed on to the next generation.


We live in a culture that invisibilizes motherhood, dehumanizes mothers, and pretends caretakers don't have needs.

(This is intentional. It makes us easier to exploit.)

  • Mothers are expected to perform as if we were superhuman while being resourced as if we were subhuman.

  • Unpaid care work isn't counted in the GDP, even though care workers uphold literally everything our culture deems important.

  • Schools don’t consider mothers’ needs even though we're integral to our children's learning and are expected to fill the gaps in our broken educational system.

  • The majority of personal growth and self-help books aren't written to support mothers' experiences, even though we're among those reading them most.

  • Workplaces don’t consider mothers’ needs, even though we’re essential to the bottom line.


The result is that mothers learn to invisibilize and deny their own needs and cope best they can, which perpetuates the very same realities that are hurting us.

MotherWorthy is a powerful antidote to these tragic cultural norms.

Here, we center our needs and amplify mothers' voices. We also explore our desires, unearth our truths and hold one another's hearts as we deconstruct the systems, structures, norms and narratives stacked against us.


MotherWorthy is for you if…

You find yourself looking around at the chaos, overwhelm, and endless menial tasks and thinking, “Is this really my life?”

You feel the absence of the village
deep in your bones and are exhausted by all the hats you wear (that are supposed to be worn by a variety of community members).

Your personal growth is taking you into scary, unknown territory and you crave the support of others who truly get it.

You sense that you may be outgrowing some of your loved ones, which feels destabilizing and heartbreaking, at best.

You love being a mom, but you’re increasingly frustrated about the conditions under which you’re mothering.

The pace of your life feels unsustainable and life-force draining to you.

You suspect you may have unmet needs,
but don’t know where to start in identifying them (much less feeling worthy of meeting them).

You’re too attuned to the natural order of things to be fooled by the “progress” and “advancements” of any culture that worships independence and prays at the altar of perfectionism.

You aspire to parent with consciousness and intention, yet often feel overwhelmed by the unrealistic standards this seems to require of you.

Deep down, you know yourself to be a changemaker and you’re learning how vital it is for you to be well-resourced both mentally and physically so you can do the work you were meant to do.


MotherWorthy is balm.
MotherWorthy is nourishment.
MotherWorthy is fuel for the fire within.


Imagine that

instead of overwhelmed, isolated, and constantly wondering whether you’re doing enough (or enough of the right things), you felt…

Getting clear on what’s most important to you, who you are beneath your stories and coping strategies, and what you need to feel better is a game changer.

It really is possible to live with more inner peace, and it doesn’t require denial, numbing, or dissociation to get there. 

Find your people, root your relationships in emotional safety and true intimacy, and build the supportive community you long for.



Here’s the sobering truth: 

Personal growth can only take us so far down the path of collective liberation, and some of the healing journey is only accessible to us when we’re in (emotionally safe) relationships with others.


Together, we’ll explore…

  • The lesser-known reasons for your exhaustion and overwhelm. 
  • The benefits and drawbacks of growth and healing. 
  • The reason mothers are the world’s most natural and needed healers.
  • How your unmet needs keep you from living out your values.
  • Why “conscious” and “gentle” parenting paradigms are limited in their usefulness.
  • How to find your people and what to do when you find them.
  • Why trying to be a “good mom” isn’t really good for anyone. 
  • Why women who desperately need one another, hurt each other. 
  • The effects of capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy on the way you think, feel, and move through the world.
  • Why “mom guilt” is manipulative bullshit and how to let it go.
  • How to make a bigger difference while loving your life more.

MotherWorthy will teach you how to… 

Set boundaries.

Know when and how to say no (and why it can feel so challenging).

Access clarity around your most pressing needs.

See what’s been unseen and learn a variety of ways to get your needs met.


Learn to quiet the noise and connect with your inner knowing to access what is a “yes” and what is a “no” for you (and your family).

Know yourself.

Who are you, really? Discover what is actually most important to you, not what society says should be important to you.

Prioritize yourself.

Cultivate a more self-loving life that benefits your family as much as it does you.

Tend to your hidden grief.

Attune to the wisdom in your sorrow and learn how to let it transform and mature you.

Find personalized coping tools + grounding practices.

Discover your most nourishing sources of support, some you may not have considered.

Work with different parts of yourself.

Learn to hear the guidance of your inner child, inner teen, and inner wild mother, all of whom have different wisdom and reminders for you.

Build a sense of worthiness

Have your importance, gifts, and lovability reflected back to you.

Recognize your core gifts.

Learn how to identify, protect, and develop your gifts so you can shine the light you came here to shine.

Weave a web of support.

Identify what you need most in your “village,” and learn how to start building it.

Check and rewrite stories + unconscious agreements.

Learn to separate from your familial and cultural stories, and update (or drop) them when necessary for your thriving.

Get more comfortable with receiving.

Learn to be vulnerable enough to allow help and care that could change your life.

Have courageous conversations.

Practice speaking up, sharing your heart, working through relationship repair, and knowing that your voice deserves space.

Honor your capacity.

Get familiar with your body’s signals before you are tanking, and learn how to pull back without going over the edge of your capacity.

Access inner peace.

Learn how to find calm and spaciousness even when there’s chaos.

Be brave.

Step out of your comfort zone and show up with an experimental mindset in order to grow into the best version of yourself.


Learn to accept certain things for what (and who) they are, even when it’s a messy road that brings up alllll the feelings.

Heal sister wounds.

Witness and open up in a brave space that assumes positive intent and values repair and belonging.

Remember your connection with nature and the cycles of the earth.

Tap into the lessons and beauty that are all around us but often get forgotten amidst the busyness of modern life.

Feel like you’re enough.

Begin to look at your life through a lens of self-compassion while also realizing the immense invisible labor you are doing in a system that isn’t set up to value mothers.


Here's what some of our MotherWorthy mamas have to say...


What to expect

Beginning the first week in October 2023 through June 2024, you can expect to feel supported, empowered, stretched, inspired, celebrated, guided, seen, heard, encouraged, respected, and honored.

This will happen in the following ways...

Monthly content and teaching from Beth

Before the month's three group calls, Beth will send a  monthly video, resources + reflective questions to bring the juicy topic home to you.

Three calls per month led by Beth

You will meet virtually the first three weeks of each month for a deep dive into the theme. This is where you will build connections with your fellow group members.  

Membership to our private Virtual Village

Hosted on Mighty Networks, you'll gain access to:
• a community of changemaker mamas
• monthly Community Conversation calls
• quarterly "Ask Beth Anything" calls
• guest speaker workshops
• ceremonies
• sub-groups for exploring specific parenting challenges, + more!

Access to a group Voxer line

Continue the conversation between calls and deepen your connection with those in your group.

Printable guides, exercises, and tracking tools

These visuals personalize the content and support the growth of your self-awareness. 

Invitation to our (optional) summer and/or fall in-person retreat

In the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, our retreats are deeply nourishing and nothing short of magical!

Our MotherWorthy topics

Each month for nine months, we will focus on a different set of topics designed to support you in not only thriving, but being the change you wish to see in the world. By the end of our time together, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without the support and sweetness of this incredible community. Below are some possible topics we may explore together.

* All group calls will be recorded in case you need to miss one.


Laying the foundation for personal and collective healing 

  • historical and cultural context for mothers’ overwhelm
  • personal life audit 
  • sister wounds
  • exploring the systems of oppression we’re up against


Regenerative Resourcing + Self-mothering 

  • ego vs. soul exploration
  • healthier coping + regulation 
  • the importance of nature connection
  • weaving our web of support


Soulfire Stewardship + Grief Tending

  • tending the fire within
  • cultivating a relationship with grief
  • holiday motherwhelm
  • wintering + rest


Needs and Values 

  • needs and values assessments
  • conflicting + prerequisite needs
  • reckoning with privilege
  • values + relationships


Stories and Unconscious Agreements

  • deconstructing cultural + familial stories
  • exploring unconscious agreements
  • telling truer, more beautiful stories
  • the stories we pass down


Pleasure, Desire + Receiving

  • allowing ourselves pleasure
  • learning to receive
  • honoring + following desire
  • restoring reciprocity


Intimacy + Core Gifts

  • the nature of true intimacy
  • cultivating romantic and platonic intimacy
  • discovering our core gifts and learning to protect them
  • self-love through radical discernment


Rewilding + the Wild Mother Archetype

  • the importance of rewilding
  • the wild mother archetype
  • connecting to our wildish nature through embodiment
  • aging, beauty, and right relationship with our bodies


Reflecting + Moving Forward

  • reviewing what we’ve learned
  • celebrating our growth
  • integrating + looking forward
  • the art of belonging
* Important note...

In addition to the regularly scheduled content, I have been (and will continue to be) working toward "decolonizing" my curriculum. This means that, with the help of my racial equity coach/mentor, Marisol Jiménez, and anti-oppression educator, Emily Vincent (the newest member of our team), I will be examining the ways in which my own experiences and perspective can uphold dominant systems of power in my work and I will intentionally include experiences of motherhood that differ from my own.

This will be and has been an imperfect process, and I will make mistakes along the way. I'm committed to learning from my mistakes and doing better as I know better. I believe that braving courageous and sometimes uncomfortable conversations is an essential part of the journey toward liberation for each of us and all of us, and I'm wholeheartedly committed to creating spaces free from shaming or judgment within which to explore, heal, and transform together.





Meet Beth

I’m Beth Berry, educator, coach, author of Motherwhelmed, and mother of four daughters (ages 16, 19, 22, and 28). I’m a growth-obsessed, liberation-driven, heart-centered visionary in love with life here to live it as beautifully as I can.

I first created MotherWorthy eight years ago as a challenge to my introverted self. I couldn’t have imagined how deeply and broadly it would impact mothers’ lives, evolve my personal understanding of our unique needs, longings, and gifts, and open hundreds of hearts (including my own) to the life-changing power of sisterhood. Since then I’ve led more than 26 year-long groups and 12 in-person retreats. I can’t imagine my life without MotherWorthy.

Early in my mothering journey, I ran myself ragged trying to keep up with all the things: the cloth diapering, the tandem nursing, the attempts at homesteading, the pieced-together holistic education, etc. Slowly but surely, I’ve traded the bulk of my idealism for trust, and my perfectionism for self-compassion. In other words, motherhood has proven the catalyst for emotional and spiritual growth in ways I never imagined, and every member of my family is better for it, with myself at the top of that list.

When I’m not deconstructing cultural norms or circling with badass women, you can find me contra dancing, harmonizing in my local song circle, FaceTiming with one of my daughters, traveling to Mexico, reading or napping in my hammock, cuddling my kitten named Goose River, knitting, gardening, or hiking a mountain with my partner/best friend Jeremy.  

If you, too, are on a growth and healing path and you hunger for a richer, more aligned and joyful life, please join us.

You’re worthy of sooo much more than you’ve been conditioned to believe is possible. 

Kind words for MotherWorthy

  • Revolution From Home

    “I was really hesitant to join, and it is the best life line I have had in the trenches of postpartum and raising toddlers. Beth holds a strong container that allows for medicinal conversations, inquiry, and deep support. The women in my group have become some of my dearest relationships especially during such a vulnerable and tender season in life/ pandemic/etc. Words cannot express my appreciation for the thought and steadiness of this virtual village.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth meets you where you are on your healing path, and has a true gift of offering new tools, and helps sharpen old tools, to gently shift perspectives, and sort out tangled thoughts and feelings. MotherWorthy is also a sacred place where our dark and heavy loads can be witnessed and safely held with love.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I’m so grateful to Beth, her team and all the women who are a part of this life-changing work. It is work, but so worth it. This community is so special. When my energy is depleted, it feels like a small luxury to find an email in my inbox from one of Beth’s blog posts that is always relevant and reminding me of this guiding light to keep me on solid ground with whatever life is throwing my way that day. I feel seen. She cuts through all the bullshit and it’s just the truth looking right back at me. I am so grateful that there is another person who is able to constructively tell it like it is and not pretending to be someone else or having to please anyone. This is the most valuable aspect of the Motherworthy experience for me. The authenticity of it all.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Unlike other women’s groups I had been a part of, there wasn’t an ounce of pretense. The tone was consistent. There were no facades needed, no apologies or excuses necessary. Just space to show up and be seen, accepted and supported through your current and authentic experience. Beth kept us on track with timing and agenda and there was always a little lesson or focus piece, but it was never heady or demanding, more like a gentle nudge to be introspective while being held.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I've gained so very much from MotherWorthy! A whole new vocabulary that makes so many stressful things make sense now. New friends that I can talk to and know I will get honest but supportive feedback from. A guide into motherhood that no one else in my life offered. Everything is different, my perspective, my understanding of my past, my hopes for the future!”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I wondered if I could make the time and actually show up regularly with children at home, and I also felt guilty spending money to talk on the computer, but MotherWorthy opened my world to resources and people I would have never found on my own. It was a fast track ticket to the personal growth I was craving and provided me the support I needed without bypassing the work that I need to do. I value the soul connections I have made that have allowed me the strength and courage to be a truer version of myself and a better mother, wife, and person. It has been life changing for me.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I'd be fine without MotherWorthy. But that's just it - I'd be fine and wondering what was wrong with me. I still struggle with that residue of unworthiness, but I have new language I didn't know existed before, tools, and most importantly, a community where I try to push myself to be as raw and honest as possible, and each time I push past the fear of vulnerability, I'm amazed at what it opens. Beth is a wonder and MotherWorthy is a treasure.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I really adore Beth's facilitation style. She is a truly gifted listener and leads with her heart. She is not bossy, but instead guides with grace and a subtle, warm power. Her commitment to each and every member of her groups, as well as her deep commitment to supporting mothers and questioning the status quo around motherhood are undeniable, always loving and served our group so very well.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth’s abilities to listen, empathize, and hold space for each and every one of us while developing relevant topics for discussion are exceptional. She has this beautiful ability to bring women together in a way that feels inviting, effortless, and free of judgement.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth leads with incredible wisdom and insight. Her reflections on motherhood and womanhood have made such a big impact on me. Her warmth, compassion, and genuine care really touched me and helped give me courage to look more deeply at myself and my life.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “MotherWorthy has been my answer to the question, 'Who takes care of the caretakers?' The answer is we take care of one another. I was amazed at the power of collective soul-searching, healing, sharing, and connecting even in a virtual platform could create a palpable force for showing up in my corner of the world with renewed strength. MotherWorthy is the only place in my life I feel a deep reverence for the role of motherhood that I carry forward into my own life, relationships, and greater world. Change may start within, but you do not have to do it alone when you have the women of MotherWorthy.”

Scholarships + equity seats

It is essential to me that MotherWorthy be made up of mothers who truly resonate with this work and deeply desire this experience. I recognize that some mothers who would love to join simply don’t have the financial means (the full-time job of motherhood is unpaid, after all). For this reason, I offer a limited number of scholarships (and also an opportunity for others to contribute to make more scholarships available).

*I offer these scholarships in good faith. Please act with integrity and only apply for a scholarship if you have a genuine need. This allows me to continue to offer this form of financial support to the mothers who need it most.

*Deadline to apply for a scholarship has passed.

I also offer discounted “Equity Seats” for BIPOC women, rooted in a reparations framework/mindset. This is one way we at Revolution From Home contribute to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and mixed-race mothers struggling on the front lines and navigating the intersectionality of their identities. I see you, and I greatly value your presence in this space and contribution to this experience.

*Deadline to apply for an equity seat has passed.


Guest facilitator and diversity, equity, and inclusion teacher/consultant Marisol Jiménez will be returning this year! 

Over the course of four power-packed sessions, she will lead us in a conversation around: 

• Relational Equity: Understanding Trauma, Relationships, and Power

• Liberatory Accountability: Exploring Accountability as a Healing Practice

I can’t say enough good things about Marisol and her skills as a teacher, mentor, and guide. We are incredibly fortunate to get to learn from her year after year!


And, by the way..

Though MotherWorthy is a complete and life-changing journey in and of itself, it is also the beginning of a longer, deeper journey for many women! Following MotherWorthy Year #1 you will be invited to Year #2 to explore a whole new set of transformational topics and deepen your connection with the women you’ve grown close to. After Year #2, you’ll be welcomed into MamaSage, our program exclusively for seasoned MotherWorthy mamas who can’t imagine their lives without this kind of support and sisterhood. 

Whether for nine months or for a lifetime, we’re here to support you in creating the more beautiful life you long for. I hope to be circling with you soon! 


You can also email us by clicking HERE if your question isn't answered below. 

Don’t worry, we know that life is FULL. Missing the occasional call is fine, call recordings are your friend. Call recordings are uploaded to your membership area within 24 hours, and are accessible via mobile app or website, so you can watch (or re-watch) at your convenience.

MotherWorthy is for mothers of all ages, demographics, and stages along the journey of growth. We're not concerned about the parenting paradigms you subscribe to, as this program isn’t about parenting. It’s about getting real, connecting courageously, and cultivating a soul-deep sense of wholeness from the wildest, wisest places within us. The only requirements are that you have a growth mindset, that you take your commitment to the experience and the group seriously, and that you be willing to connect from the heart.

You’re in good company, fellow introvert. Video hasn’t always been comfortable for me either, but the benefits of rich connection have proven way more valuable than the “safety” of staying hidden. Expansion is more likely when we make the brave choice over the more comfortable one (though we're committed to creating a space that feels comfortable, too).

We recognize that it's challenging to carve out time away from our children in order to meet (at last some of!) our own needs. Please do your best to make sure your children’s needs are being met by someone else during our calls. That said, we understand if this is not always possible, and we can easily mute you as needed.  Calls will be recorded and replays posted. 

Yes! All three monthly calls will be facilitated by Beth.

Occasionally, a day may be rescheduled to the fourth week of the month, if and when unexpected things come up, but typically, the call schedule goes as follows, with a total of three Zoom calls per month.

It is essential to me that MotherWorthy be made up of mothers who truly resonate with this work and deeply desire this experience. I recognize that some mothers who would love to join simply don’t have the financial means (the full-time job of motherhood is unpaid, after all). For this reason, I offer a limited number of scholarships (and also an opportunity for others to contribute to make more scholarships available). *Deadline to apply for a scholarship has passed.

Yes, I offer discounted “Equity Seats” for BIPOC women, rooted in a reparations framework/mindset. This is one way we at Revolution From Home contribute to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and mixed-race mothers struggling on the front lines and navigating the intersectionality of their identities. I see you, and I greatly value your presence in this space and contribution to this experience.*Deadline to apply for an equity seat has passed.

We understand that circumstances can change, but we are unable to offer refunds for MotherWorthy. 

Here's why: Our program has a limited number of spots available, and when you join, you take up one of these valuable spots. By doing so, you not only commit to your own growth and healing, but you also occupy a space that could have been filled by someone else seeking this transformational opportunity.

We believe in fairness and maximizing the benefit for all participants, which is why we maintain this policy.

Please keep in mind that our program relies on monthly payments to maintain its quality and support you effectively. Even if you decide to withdraw, these payments will continue as outlined in our terms and conditions. We encourage you to embrace this opportunity for positive change and make the most of your experience with us. We're here to support you every step of the way.

What I've found in my time working with moms in MotherWorthy is that those who commit most fully, will get much more out of the experience. That's one of the reasons why MotherWorthy is 9 months long, because the curriculum, connections and community, all build together over time.

If you decide to join us, full payment will be due (including any ongoing monthly payments), even if you later decide to withdraw, so please enroll with intention.

For the lifetime of the course, or at least one year.

One of the bonuses of being in MotherWorthy is that you get access to the Revolution From Home Virtual Village on Mighty Networks included! If you currently have a paid subscription to the Virtual Village, you don't need to reach out to us - we'll handle things on the back-end so that your Virtual Village payments will be paused while you're in MotherWorthy.



Who MotherWorthy is NOT for…

• Those looking for a group about parenting or child development. Though we are all mothers here, this is experience is for and about us, not our kids.

• Those operating from a victim mentality and/or unwilling to self-reflect.

• Those who aren’t interested in working toward liberation for us all.

• Those looking for a passive experience that they may or may not show up for. 

• Those looking for a place to vent, complain, or “man bash.”

• Those struggling with addiction/substance abuse, partner violence, or other such acute challenges that require the support of specifically trained professionals.


Who MotherWorthy is for…

• Mothers who want to model thriving for their kids. 

• Mothers who want to better understand all that’s working against us and what to do about it.  

• Mothers who long to feel more aligned with their true self and bold in their authenticity. 

• Mothers tired of feeling isolated, under-appreciated, and invisibilized. 

• Mothers who know, deep down, that life is about so much more than efficiency, organization, and conventional measures of success.

• Mothers who know that making a difference and co-creating a more beautiful world requires soulful connection with others.

I invite you to join me and the thousands of mothers who are…

…done pretending this version of motherhood is working for us,

…getting real and being brave even when it means getting messy
and uncomfortable,

…taking our needs seriously,

…stepping into our worthiness,

…reconnecting radically.


Please contact us with any questions! 



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