In the absence of the village, mothers struggle most…

and then we get creative.

MotherWorthy is an intimate, year-long virtual program designed for changemaker mothers who are fed up with the status quo, ready to get real, and inspired to cultivate change from the inside out. It’s for mothers who refuse to settle for the isolation, perfectionism, and judgment that plagues modern-day motherhood, and who are willing to get messy and courageous in pursuit of a better way for themselves, for other mothers the world over, and for generations to come.

  • You feel the loss of the village deep in your bones. You know we’re not meant to be mothering in isolation and long for the connection and support of a close-knit, multi-generational community. You love the idea of revillaging but aren’t sure where to start.  
  • You see motherhood as sacred, world-changing work. You recognize the essential, consciousness-shaping, humanity-healing value of your daily investments but often wonder whether you’re actually doing enough.
  • Your measures of success are unconventional. You’re more motivated by things such as the wellness and wholeness of your family, the richness of your personal connections, and the healing of the planet than you are by wealth acquisition, fame, or what the neighbors think about the state of your yard.
  • You aspire to parent with consciousness and intention, yet often feel overwhelmed by the unrealistic standards this seems to require of you.  
  • You’re committed to personal growth but recognize that there’s only so far you can grow without the support of other sisters on similar journeys.
  • You’ve begun to give yourself permission to examine and meet your needs, fulfill your desires, and invest in the realization of your dreams.
  • The passion in you needs an outlet. Whether you have the heart of a healer, a storyteller, or an activist, you need a safe container within which to practice showing up courageously and speaking your truths aloud.
  • You’re committed to better understanding the way oppression works and the parts we all play in upholding oppressive systems, including white supremacy and patriarchy. You recognize that none of us are truly free until we’re all free.
  • You consider yourself a changemaker and are learning how vital it is for you to be well-resourced both mentally and physically so you can do the work you were meant to do.

Here's what one MotherWorthy mama, Christa, had to say...

What To Expect...

Over the course of a year, beginning the first week in October 2022, you can expect to feel supported, empowered, stretched, celebrated, seen, heard, encouraged, respected, and honored. This will happen in the following ways...

  • Soul Circles – Three Zoom calls per month facilitated by Beth. (We were Zooming for years before it became all the rage!)  Please plan to commit to at least two of the three calls per month in order to support the integrity of the group and gain the most from the experience.
  • Monthly lessons via videos, experiments, writing prompts, invitations, and questions to guide you deeper.
  • Optional access to a group Voxer line.
  • Free membership to my private Revolution From Home Virtual Village on Mighty Networks, which hosts monthly Community Conversation calls and quarterly "Ask Me Anything!" calls, and offers sub-groups for specific parenting challenges, and more.
  • Printable guides, exercises, and tracking tools to keep you engaged, on track, and increasingly self-aware.
  • Special rates on additional 1:1 coaching with me to further support your process.
  • Invitation to optional future summer and fall retreat in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. (Our retreats are so freaking sweet and magical.)

Each month, we will focus on a different theme designed to support you in not only thriving, but being the change you wish to see in the world. By the end of our time together, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without the support and sweetness of your new village.

* All group calls will be recorded in case you miss one. Replays are available for 2 years.

* Important note: In addition to the regularly scheduled content, I have been (and will continue to be) working toward "decolonizing" my curriculum. This means that, with the help of my racial equity coach/mentor, Marisol, I will be examining the ways in which I "see white" and center white mothers' experiences as the primary experiences of motherhood from which others deviate.

This will be (and has been) an imperfect process, and I will make mistakes along the way, but I'm committed to learning from my mistakes and doing better as I know better. I believe that braving courageous (and sometimes uncomfortable) conversations is an essential part of the journey toward liberation (for each of us and all of us) and I'm wholeheartedly committed to creating spaces free from shaming or judgment within which to explore, heal, and transform together. 

A little bit about me, your facilitator


My name is Beth Berry and I have a revolution in my bones. It began when I was seventeen and pumping milk in the bathroom of my high school for my now-grown eldest daughter, and has gradually evolved into a tender, fiery conviction to reclaim motherhood from every disempowering personal and cultural story I can wrap my head and heart around.

As an author, life coach, group facilitator, teacher, and mother of four daughters (ages 15, 18, 21, and 27), I’ve spent thousands of hours mentoring and supporting mothers through their process of self-discovery, self-reclamation, and dream realization. I believe we’re each here to shine the light of our soul as brightly and courageously as we’re able, and am dedicated to helping women do exactly that.

Early in my mothering journey, I ran myself ragged trying to keep up with all the things: the cloth diapering, the tandem nursing, the attempts at homesteading, the holistic, crazy-expensive education, etc. Slowly but surely, I’ve traded the bulk of my idealism for trust, and my perfectionism for self-compassion. In other words, motherhood has proven the catalyst for emotional and spiritual growth in ways I never imagined, and every member of my family is better for it.

The time I’ve spent in safe, nourishing circles with other passionate, intentional women has enriched my life, affirmed my inner knowings, and given me strength like nothing else. MotherWorthy has changed and bettered my life as much as it has the mothers I work with. 

My mission is to help women remember who they really are and come together in solidarity (no matter how messy it looks or feels). Because when women gather, get real, and feel safe to share their deepest, most tender truths, healing and wholeness are made possible.

The wellbeing of our world depends on the wellbeing of its mothers.





Another MotherWorthy mama, Jenn, shares her MotherWorthy experience...

Very little is going to change for us as mothers - on an individual or a collective level - until more of us recognize that we’re worthy.

Worthy of having our needs met.

Worthy of feeling seen, heard, honored, and understood.

Worthy of rich, safe, soul-feeding connections.

Worthy of wildness and freedom and thriving and ease.

Worthy of living in solidarity and feeling supported as our eyes are opened and our awareness is strengthened. 

Worthy of investing in our wellness.

You, sweet and wise woman, are worthy of so much more than the (wounded, misguided) powers-that-be want you to believe. 

But because you live in a culture that attaches worthiness to patriarchal measures of success that aren’t in line with your value system or priorities, it’s a stretch to even feel worthy of a hot shower some days.


Recognizing our interdependence, we must stand together against threats to our worthiness, from wherever they come.

When mothers feel whole, supported, and fulfilled, we all benefit. It’s time to reconnect, mamas…to our wholeness, to our power, and with one another.

Kind Words for MotherWorthy

  • Revolution From Home

    “I was really hesitant to join, and it is the best life line I have had in the trenches of postpartum and raising toddlers. Beth holds a strong container that allows for medicinal conversations, inquiry, and deep support. The women in my group have become some of my dearest relationships especially during such a vulnerable and tender season in life/ pandemic/etc. Words cannot express my appreciation for the thought and steadiness of this virtual village.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth meets you where you are on your healing path, and has a true gift of offering new tools, and helps sharpen old tools, to gently shift perspectives, and sort out tangled thoughts and feelings. MotherWorthy is also a sacred place where our dark and heavy loads can be witnessed and safely held with love.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I’m so grateful to Beth, her team and all the women who are a part of this life-changing work. It is work, but so worth it. This community is so special. When my energy is depleted, it feels like a small luxury to find an email in my inbox from one of Beth’s blog posts that is always relevant and reminding me of this guiding light to keep me on solid ground with whatever life is throwing my way that day. I feel seen. She cuts through all the bullshit and it’s just the truth looking right back at me. I am so grateful that there is another person who is able to constructively tell it like it is and not pretending to be someone else or having to please anyone. This is the most valuable aspect of the Motherworthy experience for me. The authenticity of it all.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Unlike other women’s groups I had been a part of, there wasn’t an ounce of pretense. The tone was consistent. There were no facades needed, no apologies or excuses necessary. Just space to show up and be seen, accepted and supported through your current and authentic experience. Beth kept us on track with timing and agenda and there was always a little lesson or focus piece, but it was never heady or demanding, more like a gentle nudge to be introspective while being held.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I've gained so very much from MotherWorthy! A whole new vocabulary that makes so many stressful things make sense now. New friends that I can talk to and know I will get honest but supportive feedback from. A guide into motherhood that no one else in my life offered. Everything is different, my perspective, my understanding of my past, my hopes for the future!”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I wondered if I could make the time and actually show up regularly with children at home, and I also felt guilty spending money to talk on the computer, but MotherWorthy opened my world to resources and people I would have never found on my own. It was a fast track ticket to the personal growth I was craving and provided me the support I needed without bypassing the work that I need to do. I value the soul connections I have made that have allowed me the strength and courage to be a truer version of myself and a better mother, wife, and person. It has been life changing for me.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I'd be fine without MotherWorthy. But that's just it - I'd be fine and wondering what was wrong with me. I still struggle with that residue of unworthiness, but I have new language I didn't know existed before, tools, and most importantly, a community where I try to push myself to be as raw and honest as possible, and each time I push past the fear of vulnerability, I'm amazed at what it opens. Beth is a wonder and MotherWorthy is a treasure.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I really adore Beth's facilitation style. She is a truly gifted listener and leads with her heart. She is not bossy, but instead guides with grace and a subtle, warm power. Her commitment to each and every member of her groups, as well as her deep commitment to supporting mothers and questioning the status quo around motherhood are undeniable, always loving and served our group so very well.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth’s abilities to listen, empathize, and hold space for each and every one of us while developing relevant topics for discussion are exceptional. She has this beautiful ability to bring women together in a way that feels inviting, effortless, and free of judgement.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth leads with incredible wisdom and insight. Her reflections on motherhood and womanhood have made such a big impact on me. Her warmth, compassion, and genuine care really touched me and helped give me courage to look more deeply at myself and my life.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth is a compassionate, disarming listener. I felt that when I shared, she really heard and understood me. I love the way she breaks things down to examine, it's really a gift.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth has such a beautiful way of holding space for the transformative power of sisterhood to emerge. She is warm and supportive, grounding and real, and somehow creates just the right balance of sacred space and relaxed, show-up-just-as-you-are.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “MotherWorthy has been my answer to the question, 'Who takes care of the caretakers?' The answer is we take care of one another. I was amazed at the power of collective soul-searching, healing, sharing, and connecting even in a virtual platform could create a palpable force for showing up in my corner of the world with renewed strength. MotherWorthy is the only place in my life I feel a deep reverence for the role of motherhood that I carry forward into my own life, relationships, and greater world. Change may start within, but you do not have to do it alone when you have the women of MotherWorthy.”

Ready to feel more empowered, connected, and supported in your experience of motherhood and womanhood while you reclaim, rewild and revillage?

Which MotherWorthy Group Will You Belong To?

Choose a group based on the day and time that best fits your schedule...


Mondays at 2pm EST


per month

This group meets on the first three Mondays of each month from
2-3:30pm EST/11am-12:30pm PST.

*only $250/month if paid annually.


Fridays at 11:30am EST


per month

This group meets on the first three Fridays of each month from 11:30am-1pm EST/8:30-10am PST.

*only $250/month if paid annually.

*Seats fill fast with a limit of 18 per group! Groups start October 3rd, 2022. 

I'm happy to be able to offer a handful of sliding scale scholarship and equity seat options. Please scroll down to read more about those. 

Scholarships + Equity Seats

It is essential to me that MotherWorthy be made up of mothers who truly resonate with this work and deeply desire this experience. I recognize that some mothers who would love to join simply don’t have the financial means (the full-time job of motherhood is unpaid, after all). For this reason, I offer a limited number of sliding scale scholarships (and also an opportunity for others to contribute to make more scholarships available).

 *deadline to apply for a sliding scale scholarship has passed.


I also offer discounted “Equity Seats” for BIPOC women, rooted in a reparations framework/mindset. This is my contribution to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and mixed-race mothers struggling on the front lines and navigating the intersectionality of their identities. I see you, and I greatly value your presence in this space and contribution to this experience.

 *deadline to apply for an equity seat has passed.

Another MotherWorthy mama, Sarah, shares her experience...

Walk away from our virtual circles with more clarity, confidence, connection, intention, sanity, and emotional preparation that centers your own wellness + healing as you and your family move forward.



Am I too old? Too young? Too Crunchy? Too moderate?

MotherWorthy is for mothers of all ages, demographics, and stages along the journey of growth. I’m not concerned about the parenting paradigms you subscribe to, as this program isn’t about parenting. It’s about getting real, connecting courageously, and cultivating a soul-deep sense of wholeness from the wildest, wisest places within us. Whether you’re a brand new mother trying to find your way, or a well-seasoned mama whose children are nearly grown, you are welcome and wanted here. Grandmothers are welcome and encouraged to join us, too. The only requirements are that you have a growth mindset, that you take your commitment to the experience and the group seriously, and that you be willing to connect from the heart.

I'd love to join, but I'm introverted, and the video platform intimidates me? Is there any way around it?

You’re in good company, fellow introvert. Video hasn’t always been comfortable for me either, but the benefits of rich connection have proven way more valuable than the “safety” of staying hidden. Expansion is more likely when we make the brave choice over the more comfortable one (though I’m committed to creating a space that feels comfortable, too).

What is the group call schedule like, and does it ever change?

We typically meet the first three weeks of each month, though an occasional day may be rescheduled to the fourth week of the month, if and when unexpected things come up. Marisol's workshops are in addition to our weekly calls.

I have young children at home. Will this be too distracting during group calls?

I recognize that this is an especially challenging time for those of us trying to carve out time away from our children in order to meet (at last some of!) our own needs. Please do your best to make sure your children’s needs are being met by someone else during our calls. That said, I understand if this is not always possible, and we can easily mute you as needed.  Calls will be recorded and replays posted. 

Does Beth facilitate all of the MotherWorthy calls?

Yes, Beth facilitates every MotherWorthy Zoom call for each group, and she also attends the additional calls with Marisol. 

Do you offer scholarships?

It is essential to me that MotherWorthy be comprised of mothers who truly resonate with this work and deeply desire the MW experience. I recognize that many mothers who would love to join simply don’t have the financial means (the full-time job of motherhood is unpaid, after all). For this reason, I offer a handful of sliding scale seats in every circle. The deadline to apply for a scholarship has passed.

Is this a safe and welcoming space for BIPOC mothers?

While I hope to one day be able to say that MotherWorthy circles are welcoming, safe spaces for BIPOC mothers, I still have much to learn as a white woman and a facilitator committed to becoming increasingly anti-racist in my life and work. I cannot ensure anyone’s sense of safety, but my devotion to this growth is deep and active, and I can assure you that it matters to me that you feel safe, and that I will do the best I can to create a safe-feeling space based on my current level of awareness and understanding.

MotherWorthy circles have historically been majority white. There are many reasons for this, which I am coming to better understand. At this stage in my growth, greater diversity within my circles is not yet my goal. First, I am expanding my awareness of the ways in which I “see white” (and inadvertently center white mothers’ experiences in my thinking and teaching), strengthening my racial literacy, and gradually decolonizing my curriculum.  At this time, I feel equipped and eager to support white women who are ready to “do the work” of examining their (our) blindspots and implicit biases by exploring the ways we are oppressed within society, and the ways that we oppress, however unintentionally. I am meeting regularly with my racial equity coach/mentor, learning from other BIPOC women and mothers, and excited about where this growth will take me. 

If you are a BIPOC mother and interested in joining a circle, this year I am offering a group that is majority women of color. I had so many equity seat requests that a group of those mamas organically emerged, and it is the Monday at 12pm EST group. Please know that I would love to have you, that I am going to make mistakes (and will do my very best to learn and grow from them), and that I have no way of knowing where the other mothers who sign up are along their own racial literacy journeys. The deadline to apply for an equity seat has passed.



Meet Team Revolution From Home

In addition to having Beth as your MotherWorthy facilitator, you'll be seeing these friendly faces during parts of your experience!


Elisha Ward comes to Team RFH with a background in finance training + systems analysis, life coaching, and psychology. She helps things run smoothly on the back end with her keen ability to problem solve, her obsession with systems that run like clockwork, and her warm, kind presence. Living in England, she frequently teaches the team British colloquialisms such as "lurgy" and "my giddy aunt," to name a few. Hula-hooping barefoot helps get her to her happy place.

Brandy Ferner is an author (Adult Conversation: A Novel), podcaster (Adult Conversation Podcast), mother, wife, and active part of Team RFH on the design, admin, and community management side. She comes with a compassion-based mindset + coaching background having spent the past decade working as a doula, childbirth educator, and birth trauma mentor. She currently lives in Southern California, and her love languages are sleep and dark humor. 


Marisol Jiménez is an Equity Diversity + Inclusion Teacher/Consultant and the founder and lead consultant for Tepeyac Consulting. Over the past two years, she and Beth have worked together decolonizing the MotherWorthy curriculum (which is, and always will be, a work in progress), and exploring blindspots within Beth’s perspectives and offerings. A truly gifted teacher, Marisol brings over twenty years of community engagement, training/facilitation, and policy advocacy experience to her consulting practice. She’s a wholehearted, gentle-fierce, truth telling mama, and we're so honored to be bringing her wisdom to you directly this year.

Please contact Team RFH with any questions!

And here's what Justine had to say...

Photos by:

Jenny Moloney

Jote Khalsa

Sigorni King-Berry