Status quo motherhood was already isolating, anxiety-producing, and toxified by perfectionism pre-pandemic. Now, mothers are more burdened and burnt out than ever.

We know we need support. We know we need community. But finding these things feels daunting and draining, even on our best days. 


Society isn’t set up for us to have our needs met with ease. We’re set up to struggle. It’s by design that we’re this isolated and overwhelmed. 


Unfortunately, if we want things to change, we have to be the ones to change them (on top of all we’re already doing).

Let me help simplify that process


Through my years of supporting and mentoring mothers, I've had thousands of conversations with hundreds of mothers about what I've come to think of as the symptoms of "villagelessness" - from isolation and self-doubt, to anxiety and over-functioning. These mothers always asked the same question over and over again...


It's a simple question, really, but one I couldn't possibly answer adequately in a social media comment, on an hour-long coaching call, or even on retreat. In fact, I haven’t had time to do the question justice, until now.


Revillagers is a self-paced virtual course
 with LIVE support (to help bring what you're learning to life) 
that supports mothers in creating the rich communities and life-giving connections they long for and deserve.

Over these past decades, I've been gathering information, catching stories, tracking patterns, and discovering what works and what really doesn't - and I've distilled the best of it all, here, in this course.

My goal in creating this course was to make it as accessible as possible, so that as many mothers as possible might receive the boost they need in the direction of the community they so desperately long for (and need in order to thrive). 


Someone dedicated to the dismantling of internalized hyperindividualism, who increasingly seeks to solve problems and increase their quality of life through connection, support, and interdependence. 

Maybe you’re already a revillager at heart, but the pandemic has you feeling unmoored and rudderless. 


Or maybe you want to be a revillager, but your bandwidth is narrow, you’ve been burned by your community, you’re super introverted, or you feel paralyzed by the thought of adding more to your plate.

This course was created with
three types of mothers in mind…

  1. Mothers in the thick of it, in dire need of support. 
  2. Mothers who’ve learned to cope without a village but who long for more richness and connection.
  3. Mothers inspired to be leaders in the revillaging movement.

See yourself in one or more of the above?


Our longing for the village isn’t just about wanting more help with the children. 

It’s also about our need and desire to…

detox and recover from hyper-individualism.

reduce the pressure on our partnerships.

decrease our dependence on consuming as a coping strategy. 

normalize our struggles and affirm one another’s longing. 

practice healthy boundary setting. 

find and be mentors.

realize how much more similar we are than different. 

feel reassured by elders and reassure those more vulnerable than us.

create rituals and ceremonies around birth and death and rites of passages.

grieve and rage and celebrate collectively. 

reawaken the witches, honor the hags, and strengthen the healers. 

pass the baton often so that no one is running themselves ragged. 

connect daily in ways that make life feel lighter and more playful.

nourish one another back to a felt sense of wholeness. 

weaken patriarchy’s norms and narratives. 

remind one another of our true worthiness and actual importance. 

heal our way back into belonging.


Hi, I'm Beth Berry, and I have a revolution in my bones.

It began when I was seventeen and pumping milk in the bathroom of my high school for my now-grown eldest daughter, and has gradually evolved into a tender, fiery conviction to reclaim motherhood from every disempowering personal and cultural story I can wrap my head and heart around.

As an author, life coach, group facilitator, teacher, and mother of four daughters (ages 15, 18, 21, and 28), I’ve spent thousands of hours mentoring and supporting mothers through their process of self-discovery, self-reclamation, dream realization, and community cultivation. 

You can find my writing and voice on my Revolution From Home website and social media pages, within the curriculum of my year-long MotherWorthy groups, in my published writing, and in my book, Motherwhelmed.

This Revillagers Course Includes...

5 Self-Paced Video Modules

Go at your own pace as Beth guides you through becoming a Revillager. The first week's materials arrive immediately, and modules are also available as audio, for easy listening on the go.

4 Q&A Sessions/Community Conversations with Beth

Process the material together, live in these 90-minute calls. First Q&A call is Thursday, Feb. 16 (1-2:30pm EST). All calls will be recorded in case you can't make them live.

10 Guest Speaker Videos

Learn from relatable + wicked-smart folks who are passionate about connection and community.


Printable Guides

To take you deeper into your personal exploration.

Free 6-Week Access to My
Virtual Village

Full of changemaker moms who crave quality connection just like you do. This is optional.

Intimate Glimpse

Into my own rich, messy, and countercultural community-building roots.

Introducing Your Guest Speakers...


Marisol Jiménez

Decolonized Revillaging

Dr. Jason Frishman

The Effects of Villagelessness on Fathers

Leslie Forde

Moms’ Hierarchy of Needs

Dr. Britta Bushnell

How the Myths of Artemis and Apollo Can Help Us Revillage

Kathie Neff

Almost 70: Looking Back On My Years of Community Building

Mary Plantwalker

Lessons Learned From Years in an (Un)intentional Community

Meg Berryman

Regenerative Design + Making Community Building Life-Giving

Merrick Weaver


Michael Ismerio

Mentorship + Nature Connection

Kimberly Durdin

Following Your

Upon Completing This Course, You'll Come Away With...

A better understanding of why you often feel resistant to investing in the very connections you crave.

• Ideas about how to start where you are, and connect in the least overwhelming and most life-giving ways possible.

• Ideas about how to find mentors (for yourself and your kids) and/or be a mentor, yourself.

• Increased self-awareness around your own strengths and saboteurs as a friend and community builder.

• Understanding of the ways in which we’ve been set up to stay isolated and overwhelmed as moms.

• Clarity around how to decolonize your mindset, cause less harm, and decenter whiteness in pursuit of your village.

• A hierarchy of needs to help you get clear on why some elements of community building feel so damn hard.

• Practical tools and mindset shifts that you need in order to create the connections and community you long for.

• Understanding around the specific needs of fathers when it comes to connection and community.

• Clarity around the best ways to find your people fast.

• Increased confidence in your ability to find and/or create whatever it is you’re looking for and dreaming of.

• Easy, practical community building tips, tricks, and ideas from other busy, intentional changemaker moms. 

Instant community from the LIVE group support calls with Beth to help bring what you're learning to life. There's such tremendous benefit in listening to the questions of others, as they illuminate and articulate what you're experiencing but perhaps hadn't even realized!



(or 2 payments of $198.50)
*Equity seats and scholarships available. See below.



  • Revolution From Home

    “This course was the best gift I have given myself in my four years of mothering. It's initiated so much for me... healing, growth, taking risks, inspiration and excitement. It was exactly what I needed at this time as I transition from being a full-time SAHM to pursuing other interests and working (and also as we prepare to join a new school community in September when our daughter starts kindergarten). Beth, you have so found your calling, and it's so incredibly beautiful to witness you in your power, to see how you've turned your pain into something so meaningful for yourself and others, and to bask in the warmth of your inspiring self-confidence.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “The revillaging course brought me so much clarity around my feelings and nervous system responses to the idea of villagelessness. Before, I was approaching revillaging carrying so much grief and rage. Now, I have a more realistic understanding of why we are villageless. I really know now that it is not personal - I know that I am truly doing my best within a very messed up system. I have put regular things in place to tend to the anger and grief I feel so I am not mothering or revillaging from these places. The course has brought a calmer, more grounded approach to looking after myself within the realities of motherhood and in how I approach revillaging in general. I really appreciated Beth's presence, grounding influence and sensitivity to everything around the themes relating to revillaging. I love the way the live conversations flow freely yet are still so compassionately held by her.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth is a master facilitator and gifted educator. She's warm but instructive, kind but firm, and thoughtful in everything she says. It's clear Beth and her team put hundreds of hours of work into this course. Highly recommend.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth, you are truly an inspiration to me. I'm adding you to my list of life gurus/models, right along with Tara Brach and Esther Perel. Your wisdom and passion has the potential to help so many mothers and families and truly to change this complex world. Thank you for following this thread in your own life and then bringing it to us in such an accessible way.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “This course is amazing. It goes right to the heart of our villagelessness - the grief and trauma and supremacy of it all - with such honesty and compassion that it immediately gave me more compassion for myself and my 'brokenness.'”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I appreciated the content that was created, that I could go through it on my own time and have time to process it. There is an incredible amount of wisdom there and the interviews were so valuable as well. The zoom calls were amazing and brought a whole other rich dimension to the experience of the course. I didn't realize a zoom call could be so intimate. Beth imbues this course with a wisdom and richness that she shares without reserve. She capably holding space for mothers deeply processing the experience and dissonance of motherhood/personhood in the current culture of villagelessness, reigning patriarchy, colonization, and hyper-independence. It's breathing after holding your breath.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth, thank you to you and your team for offering this course! It has been so helpful and educational. I appreciate the framework you offered, the clarity that the course content provided me, the issues you named, all the ideas you articulated, the shared vocabulary created, and the inspiration given. The material from the course is helping me to navigate my next steps as I work to rediscover joy and reignite my soul fire after a challenging few years.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “This was completely soul nourishing, validating and encouraging! Thank you.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth leads with incredible wisdom and insight. Her reflections on motherhood and womanhood have made such a big impact on me. Her warmth, compassion and genuine care really touched me and helped give me courage to look more deeply at myself and my life.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “This course has been very validating; understanding the effect of villagelessness on a mother's central nervous system is very enlightening.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth has such a beautiful way of holding space for the transformative power of sisterhood to emerge. She is warm and supportive, grounding and real, and somehow creates just the right balance of sacred space and relaxed, show-up-just-as-you-are.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth has beautiful curated content on self-awareness, healing, and community building, in a way that lets participants find their own truths. She recognizes the differences in our contexts and backgrounds, and celebrates and supports them in the goal of creating nurturing and nourishing connections in our communities.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “I really adore Beth's facilitation style. She is a truly gifted listener and leads with her heart. She is not bossy, but instead guides with grace and a subtle, warm power. Her commitment to each and every member of her groups, as well as her deep commitment to supporting mothers and questioning the status quo around motherhood are undeniable, always loving and served our group so very well.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth’s abilities to listen, empathize and hold space for each and every one of us while developing relevant topics for discussion are exceptional. She has this beautiful ability to bring women together in a way that feels inviting, effortless and free of judgement.”

  • Revolution From Home

    “Beth is a compassionate, disarming listener. I felt that when I shared, she really heard and understood me. I love the way she breaks things down to examine, it's really a gift.”



I offer discounted “Equity Seats” for BIPOC women, rooted in a reparations framework/mindset. This is my contribution to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and mixed-race mothers struggling on the front lines and navigating the intersectionality of their identities. I see you, and I greatly value your presence in this space and contribution to this experience. 

*submission deadline for Equity Seats has closed.

It's important to me that as many mothers who need it can access Revillagers. You are welcome to apply for a scholarship if your financial situation makes the full cost out of reach.
*submission deadline for Scholarships has closed.

*Note: I offer these scholarships in good faith. Please act with integrity and only apply for one if you have a genuine need. This allows me to continue to offer this form of financial support to the mothers who need it most.



How is the course structured?

You will receive 5 video modules over four weeks (the first week's course materials will be emailed to you directly after you sign up), and along with it, guest speaker interviews, make-it-simple printable guides + 5 LIVE Q&A sessions with Beth! Modules are also available as audio, for easy listening on the go. This course has been designed by mothers for mothers, built intentionally to fit around your other commitments.

Do I get immediate access to the course?

So that we can connect and discuss the course together as a community, modules will be released weekly with the first one arriving right after you sign up.

When are the five Q&A calls with Beth?

Feb. 16 (Thurs.) - Modules 1&2
Feb. 22 (Wed.) - Module 3
March 2 (Thurs.) - Module 4
March 8 (Wed.) - Module 5
March 23 (Thurs.) - A follow up call to further process and check in with each other

All calls are from 1-2:30pm EST (10-11:30am PST) and last 90 minutes long. They will all will be recorded in case you can't make them live.

Will the Q&A calls be recorded?

Yes, all calls will be recorded. You will be able to access them from your personal membership area, via the mobile app, or website.

Are the offerings designed to best support mothers of children within a certain age range?

No. This is a course for all mothers at all stages.

I'm introverted, the idea of striking up 'small talk' conversations intimidates/scares me.

Hello fellow introvert! This course is designed to help you move past both your internal and external barriers to building the community you deserve. It also doesn't require social participation.

Will the recorded Q&A calls be kept private?

The only people who will view the recorded Q&A calls are other people who signed up for this specific Revillagers course.

Does Revillagers offer a roadmap and ‘how-to’ manual for creating community?

I don't believe a generic roadmap is what most mothers need. Because everyone's path is so unique and needs are so different when it comes to community and connection, rather than a roadmap, Revillagers offers a toolkit. Through what you discover in our time together, Revillagers articulates many unnamed needs you have, and supports you to create a map to cultivate community which is uniquely yours.

What is the RFH Virtual Village?

The Virtual Village is an intimate, supportive, and accessible online space for changemaker mothers, and you will get a free 6-week membership to it with your purchase of Revillagers! It's hosted on Mighty Networks (outside the trappings and endless scrolling of traditional social media), and is offered as an optional extra to enhance your Revillagers experience. After March 31, 2023, if you want to stay with us in the Virtual Village, membership is then on a monthly basis and has a cost.

Are there scholarships available?

It's important to me that as many mothers who need it can access Revillagers. You are welcome to apply for a scholarship if your financial situation makes the full cost out of reach. Note: I offer these scholarships in good faith. Please act with integrity and only apply for one if you have a genuine need. This allows me to continue to offer this form of financial support to the mothers who need it most.

Are there equity seats available?

I offer discounted “Equity Seats” for BIPOC women, rooted in a reparations framework/mindset. This is my contribution to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and mixed-race mothers struggling on the front lines and navigating the intersectionality of their identities. I see you, and I greatly value your presence in this space and contribution to this experience.

What is your refund policy?

I am committed to making this course a resource that really works for you to create the rich community you deserve & desire. If after completing the entire course you don't feel it does that, let us know what you feel is missing and/or what would help so we can make this the best resource possible, and we'll happily arrange a refund if it's within 30 days of the course start date.

How long will I have access to the course material?

For the lifetime of the course, or at least one year.


Don't Miss Out!

Registration ends Monday, February 13th at 10pm EST








The majority of our mental load and emotional labor as modern-day mothers comes from...

Constantly and creatively trying to piece together some semblance of a village.
• Stepping into roles meant to be filled by other village members.
• Unconsciously grieving this soul-crushing loss (which is hidden in plain sight).

We hugely underestimate the weight of villagelessness on mothers.


Join us, mama. You are worthy of the community, support, and connections you crave.



Please contact us with any questions!

Photos by:

Sigorni King-Berry

Jote Khalsa

Jenny Moloney