Online Roundtable Discussion

Becoming Who Our Teens Need Us To Be


Four moms


hosted by Beth Berry of Revolution From Home

with featured guests

Rachel Macy Stafford
NYT bestselling author of Hands Free Mama

Rachelle Garcia Seliga
Innate Traditions

Brandy Ferner
author + podcaster of Adult Conversation


A few months back I wrote a piece about why mothering older kids can feel extra isolating, and from the replies I got in my inbox and DMs, it seems this topic struck a chord with many of you.


Since then it’s been on my heart to delve deeper into this essential topic, so I'm thrilled to invite you to my free, virtual, 75-minute roundtable "Who Our Teens Need Us To Be" where four of us seasoned mothers will discuss the growth we've gone through and challenges we've faced in parenting tweens, teens, and adult children.


Please pass this along to any of your friends who might be interested in a conversation where we bring more awareness and transparency to this invisibilized and under-supported stage of mothers' journeys.

*And yes, there will be a replay if you can’t make it live!


During this free roundtable

You can expect to get:

• A peek into the lives of real, thoughtful mothers who are parenting older kids in these chaotic, modern times. 

• Validation that you're not alone in what you're going through as a parent of tweens/teens.

• Ideas around some of the growth edges motherhood is now inviting you into.

• Perspectives around the identity shift that happens during this part of parenting + womanhood.



Rachel Macy Stafford

A New York Times bestselling author and certified special education teacher, Rachel offers universal strategies through her books like Hands Free Mama and Only Love Today, encouraging readers to embrace life and foster connections amidst cultural distractions. Her inspiring blog and social media presence reach millions, and her work has been featured in numerous media outlets including CNN and the Today Show. Based in Georgia, Rachel finds inspiration from her husband, two daughters, and her passions for long walks, baking, and volunteering at a local cat shelter and nursing home.

Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Rachelle Seliga, a traditional midwife, works for the creation of Living Culture, through her teachings, trainings and in-person experiences. She created and teaches INNATE Postpartum Care - Certification Training, for birth and healthcare practitioners worldwide, focusing on the physiologic design of the postpartum period and the requirements for thriving families. Additionally, she founded Physiologic Baby Care Course; Fourth Cycle - a mentorship program for young women reclaiming mature adulthood; as well as co-founded Starseed Root, a revillaging project and school of traditional healing.


Brandy Ferner

Brandy is an author (Adult Conversation: A Novel), podcaster (Adult Conversation Podcast), mother, wife, and active part of Team RFH on the design, admin, and community management side. She comes with a compassion-based mindset + coaching background having spent over a decade working as a doula, childbirth educator, and birth trauma mentor. She currently lives in Southern California, and her love languages are sleep and dark humor.



Beth Berry

I'm a perimenopausal woman and mother who loves her life. 

I’m also someone…
…who cries frequently over my almost-empty nest,
…who is seven years divorced (and now in a beautiful, super healthy relationship),
…who waffles back and forth between following my many passions and slowing down so serenity can catch up to me again,
…who has kickass boundary setting skills and deep self-compassion,
…and who would rather live a messy, authentic life than a polished, fake one.

I don’t think loving your life has much at all to do with getting it all “just right,” but with knowing yourself well, tending to your needs, building nourishing relationships, healing your wounds, regulating your nervous system, and daring to shine your unique light. 

I led my first women's circles as a La Leche League leader over 20 years ago. Those were the days when I was dripping with little girls (they're now 17, 19, 23, and 29), drowning in idealism, and broke af, but I also had loads of energy, and was hellbent on changing the world. 

Today, I move more slowly, I take lots of naps, and I’m usually nursing a workout-related injury or two. Changing the world feels exhausting and gross/savior-y to me, so instead, I’m working toward being the healthiest, most wholehearted version of myself I can be and trusting the ripples from that intention will be what they’re meant to be. 

I've led more than 30 year-long women's groups and 13 retreats, designed and taught many courses (all for mothers devoted to growth and healing), written a book about the intersection of idealism, personal growth and motherhood (Motherwhelmed), and grown an amazing community of changemaker mothers at all stages of the maturation journey.

I wholeheartedly reject the deeply disempowering cultural narratives about modern motherhood, womanhood, and especially middle-aged womanhood that are all around us, and I’m committed to weaving a new narrative for and alongside mothers who, like me, want and feel worthy of so much more (and also really love naps). 

Please email us with any questions!