Online Roundtable Discussion

Visibilizing The Work of Mothers In The Home + Workplace

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hosted by Beth Berry of Revolution From Home

with featured guests

Raena Boston
The Working Momtras

Daphne Delvaux
The Mamattorney

Sarah K. Peck
Startup Parent + Wise Women's Council

Moe Carrick
Moementum, Inc.

Mothers’ work–both paid and unpaid–is some of the most essential, important work on the planet, yet it’s also some of the most undervalued and invisibilized.

Many of us long for more nuanced and mother-honoring narratives than the “stay-at-home vs. working mom” dualities that the overculture uses to define us and keep us apart.

Let’s mature the conversation.


Join myself and four other mother advocates for an honest, paradoxical, reverent, and healing conversation about the work mothers do (which, as we all know, goes way beyond mothering).

This FREE, 90-minute roundtable delves into how societal norms and cultural expectations contribute to the invisibility of mothers’ labor, and the profound impact this has on families, communities, and economies, and on us as individuals.

Our panel of speakers share personal stories, research insights, and practical solutions to bring more visibility to this critical issue. 

Feel seen, affirmed, inspired, and better prepared to advocate for yourself and all mothers by the end of this free virtual event.


Please pass this along to any of your friends who might be interested in joining the conversation! 


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Raena Boston

Raena Boston is a working mom of three, a fierce advocate for working families, and a co-founder of the nonprofit Chamber of Mothers. She is also a writer and creates content for her online platform, The Working Momtras; a community designed to help empower moms to unsubscribe from the scams of motherhood and resign from doing it all.

Raena has appeared on Good Morning America, PBS Newshour, and many of your favorite podcasts to discuss the intersection between working motherhood, paid leave, and childcare.

Daphne Delvaux

Daphne Delvaux is a mother, a lawyer, and a rebel. She advocates for the protection of our babies and our bodies, and against the lords of capitalism who seek to robotize workers, frack human life force, and separate mothers from their children.

Daphne teaches mothers how to use their rights and advocacy tools to keep themselves safe and protected in the workplace. Daphne’s main motivation is to be a love lawyer, protecting the mother-baby bubble, and advocating for the babies of America. She teaches mothers how to maximize their time off to bond with their babies and celebrate their motherhood as the superpower it, instead of hiding it in the margins. She encourages mothers to seek the accommodations they need instead of suppressing their needs. She coaches mothers how to rebel against the capitalist systems that profit from early separation from their babies, and to stand firm in their empowered and liberated motherhood as a revolutionary act. Daphne’s mission is to prevent generational trauma, through creating a container for mothers to be held, supported and safe. 

In the next year, Daphne will also be expanding her offers to teach business owners and entrepreneurs how to use the law as a tool to create agency and abundance. Daphne just signed a book deal with Harper Collins. She can be found on Instagram @themamattorney

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Sarah K. Peck

Sarah K Peck (aka "SKP") is the founder and CEO of Startup Parent and the host of The Startup Parent Podcast, an award-winning podcast featuring women in entrepreneurship, business, and parenting. She runs The Wise Women's Council, an annual leadership program for women to come together honestly while navigating the challenges of working and parenting. Sarah is also a 20-time NCAA All-American swimmer and has successfully swum the  Escape from Alcatraz nine separate times, once doing the swim totally naked as way to raise money for charity. Her writing and work has been featured on Forbes, IncFast CompanyThe New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and more. She lives in New York City with her family.

Moe Carrick

Moe Carrick is an internationally respected pioneer in the study and practice of workplace culture.

Her award-winning frameworks and tools have been used by some of the country’s most recognized brands such as Nike, Nintendo, Amazon, Hydroflask and Reddit,  to improve workplace culture, reduce employee churn, elevate human well-being, and drive organizational performance. 

Moe’s work focuses on the 7 needs people have of work, as well as the fundamental pillars of innovative, inclusive and dynamic workplace cultures. Her research, curricula and tools are the result of more than 1.5M workplace data points gathered with thousands of leaders.

Her greatest joy and challenge has been "Mom" and she delights in watching and supporting her 3 grown children make their magic in the world. She lives in Bend Oregon, with her husband, two cats, a dog, and can most often be found riding her horse Callahan over the high desert whenever he can.
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Beth Berry

I'm a perimenopausal woman and mother who loves her life. 

I’m also someone…
…who cries frequently over my almost-empty nest,
…who is seven years divorced (and now in a beautiful, super healthy relationship),
…who waffles back and forth between following my many passions and slowing down so serenity can catch up to me again,
…who has kickass boundary setting skills and deep self-compassion,
…and who would rather live a messy, authentic life than a polished, fake one.

I don’t think loving your life has much at all to do with getting it all “just right,” but with knowing yourself well, tending to your needs, building nourishing relationships, healing your wounds, regulating your nervous system, and daring to shine your unique light. 

I led my first women's circles as a La Leche League leader over 20 years ago. Those were the days when I was dripping with little girls (they're now 17, 19, 23, and 29), drowning in idealism, and broke af, but I also had loads of energy, and was hellbent on changing the world. 

Today, I move more slowly, I take lots of naps, and I’m usually nursing a workout-related injury or two. Changing the world feels exhausting and gross/savior-y to me, so instead, I’m working toward being the healthiest, most wholehearted version of myself I can be and trusting the ripples from that intention will be what they’re meant to be. 

I've led more than 30 year-long women's groups and 13 retreats, designed and taught many courses (all for mothers devoted to growth and healing), written a book about the intersection of idealism, personal growth and motherhood (Motherwhelmed), and grown an amazing community of changemaker mothers at all stages of the maturation journey.

I wholeheartedly reject the deeply disempowering cultural narratives about modern motherhood, womanhood, and especially middle-aged womanhood that are all around us, and I’m committed to weaving a new narrative for and alongside mothers who, like me, want and feel worthy of so much more (and also really love naps). 

Please email us with any questions!