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Walk With Me

A Walk With Me session is an opportunity for us to hop on the phone and explore one juicy topic together.

You’d be amazed at how much we can cover when you’re clear on your goals for the session and ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in. 


Here's what you can expect from a Walk With Me session:

  • 55 Minutes of Focused Exploration: You come with a topic in mind and we'll have a casual yet focused conversation intended to help you unravel insights, arrive at creative solutions, make sense of your feelings and reactions, get clear on next steps, etc.

  • Personalized Guidance: I bring my best thinking, powerful questions, anecdotes, and tools with the goal of helping lead you to your deepest truths, wisdom, and alignment. I won't tell you what to do or what you need, but I’m really good at helping you mine the gems of truth and wisdom within your own mind and heart, and decode messages coming from your body.

  • Me (Walking): This is the Walk With Me part. I'll put my headphones on, lace up my shoes, and head out for a stroll with you in my ears! I find I'm able to access some of my best thinking while outside moving my body. 
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Of course, YOU do not have to be walking during our call! You can take this audio-only call from whatever location or position you like. 

Some examples of topics you may want support with:

I’m feeling called to move in a new direction but my fears around it are really loud. Can you help me sort my fears from my intuition?

How do I find my people and build the community I crave when my kids need so much from me? 

Am I ready to work outside the home again, and will the stress on the family be worth my (likely) increased contentment?

Is it time to leave my partner, and is conscious uncoupling really possible?

I know I need to set and hold better boundaries with certain family members, but what a mess it’s going to create! Where do I begin?

I’m thinking about becoming a coach/writing a book. Can I pick your brain?


Kind Words

Revolution From Home

“In one hour with Beth, I laughed (at life and at myself) and cried, took notes and found inspiration. I went into our call not having any expectations, other than spending some time with someone I admired. We went deep right away, which is my favorite. When Beth is with you, she's really with you. She gave me all of her attention and energy for those 60 minutes and helped me see through the bullshit that was holding me back. Since spending that time with her, I have been clearer on my path and more trusting of my own abilities. Empowerment doesn't even begin to describe what she supported me to find within myself.”

Revolution From Home

“Contacting Beth for my initial session was a difficult cry for help, and a desperate attempt to contain the overwhelm and stop putting my needs last. Within that first 30-minute phone call, I knew Beth would be the one to walk me through the darkness I was experiencing. Her ability to assess my situation, provide insight, and instill hope was both comforting and empowering….and it only got better as we continued our coaching relationship. Those appointments became a highlight of my week. Beth is an incredible mix of accountability partner, cheerleader, therapist and sister…with the life experiences and understanding to hold your hand as you navigate the messiness of life.”

Revolution From Home

“Working with Beth was an incredibly positive and empowering experience for me. I connected with Beth at a time when I was seeking greater inner peace, but could not attain the inner transformation I was seeking on my own. With Beth’s support and insight, I was able to make the inner shifts that helped me find greater inner peace. Beth helped me greatly on my spiritual journey and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an open, understanding and insightful life coach.”

Revolution From Home

“Beth’s insights and wisdom were exactly what I needed to gain clarity in my situation. She provided perspectives that I hadn’t considered. She also helped guide me on how to have difficult conversations with empathy and kindness. She is warm, present, perceptive, and generous in sharing from her own mothering experiences. I gained so much clarity from speaking with Beth and I’m so grateful for her guidance.”

Curious why these sessions are 'Walk With Me'?

Back in the day, before MotherWorthy groups and teaching became my primary focus, I used to work with coaching clients 1:1, all day long. Though I loved delving deep with people, I'd find myself feeling exhausted by the end of the week. I realized that, more than anything, this was because my body was protesting. I simply can’t sit that many hours of the day and feel good!

Largely for this reason, I gradually cut down on my 1:1 work. This was better for my body, for sure, but it's also meant missing out on the 1:1 deep dives that I so love. 

But that's changing (at least for the time being)!

Partly inspired by a wise fellow coach (shout out to Tad Hargrave @marketingforhippies), I've come up with a compromise that honors my body and allows me to offer 1:1 sessions again!

By booking with me, you understand and are agreeing to the following: 

  1. These calls will be audio-only over Zoom.
  2. I will not be reviewing materials or looking at your website before, during, or after our calls. 
  3. I will be walking while we talk, so you may hear me breathing more than you would if I were sitting (I will do my best to avoid hills for your sake). 
  4. I am only available to talk with folks who are serious about bettering their lives in a proactive way. This is not a venting session. 
  5. I will wait five minutes beyond our scheduled start time. After that, your session will be forfeited with no refund. 
  6. There are no refunds for canceled sessions. If you need to reschedule, you must do so at least 24 hours ahead of time. 
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Walk With Me Sessions are $200
($150 for MotherWorthy participants)

If you know you're in need of a session like this, please book something sooner than later! I don't have many slots available so I'm expecting they'll fill up quickly. I also only plan to offer these sessions from time to time, and I'm only booking a few months out. 

I hope to be walking with you soon!



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