2022/23 MotherWorthy Scholarship Request Form

It is essential to me that MotherWorthy be made up of mothers who truly resonate with this work and deeply desire the MotherWorthy experience. I recognize that some mothers who would love to join simply don’t have the financial means (the full-time job of motherhood is unpaid, after all). For this reason, I offer a limited number of scholarships. To be considered for a scholarship seat, please tell me a little about yourself and your desire for this experience.


Please tell me a little about your life circumstances. (A few sentences is sufficient.)


Please describe what you’re hoping to gain from MotherWorthy.


How committed do you feel to this experience and what desire and/or needs is that commitment rooted in?


I am offering two scholarship options for this experience. You can choose to pay $200 p/m or $150 p/m instead of the full price of $280 p/m. Which option are you requesting?


Your name, please.


Your email address, please.


*Important Note: Once you've submitted this application, you will be hearing back from my team one way or another. Please check your spam folder if you don't receive a response by Sep 30th. Click "Save Worksheet" below to submit your request.

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